London escorts will always stay

I left London escorts to get married to this rather wealthy guy, but I think that a small part of cheap London escorts always will stay with me. Of course, I have kept in touch with my friends at cheap London escorts, and sometimes I can be what my husband calls a bit “outrageous”. I cannot help it; it is just the way I am. But, I have learned to tame this outrageous side of my personality, and that might be a good thing as my husband now has a very high office in the judicial service.


Anyway, after a couple of months of marriage, I had went shopping with my friends at cheap London escorts. This precious day out followed the usual pattern, a bit of shopping and a few too many drinks. As my friends at London escorts will testify to, I have a bit of a passion for boots. On this day in particular, one of my favorite shops in London had a special offer on thigh boots. It wasn’t really the sort of thing I had a need for, but in my slightly drunken stupor, I thought that they would look great with jeans, so invested in a pair.


Unfortunately, I left the boots in the shop and left having paid for them. My Cheap London escorts friends and I moved on to the next shop. An hour later, I received a call from my credit card company. The store had contacted them, and informed them that I had left my boots in the shop. It was not a problem, and the store, Selfridges, was going to deliver the boots to my home. It was a great solution for me, and meant that I could carry on shopping with my friends from Cheap London escorts.


A couple of days later, my shopping adventure with my friends from Cheap London escorts was far behind me, and I had forgotten about my boots. Needless to say it is not a good idea to go shopping when you are a bit tipsy. That day my husband had a very rare day off, and we were planning to spend it together after I had been to the gym with my friends from London escorts. Little did I know that I was going to come home to a bit of surprise.


Having parked my car outside our home in Chiswick I rushed inside anxious to go out for lunch with my husband. The first thing that greeted me in the hall was a pair of thigh high black boots. I suddenly remembered the boots and I must admit that I felt a bit awkward. My husband popped his head out of his home office, and said with a cheerful smile on his face: “Where were you actually hoping to have lunch, darling?” Let’s put it this way, we ended up having a take away, and my London escorts friends still talk about me and my black thigh high boots. It could only happen to me, a rather new housewife in green and pleasant Chiswick! Thigh high boots are apparently associated with naughty girls by all and sundry.

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