The average person on the street

If you asked the average person on the street, you would probably find that he or she would have rather a negative view of South London escorts. Most girls that I speak to think that escorts in South London are total sluts, and I think that my neighbor would be shocked if I told her that I work as a South London escort. It is just like any other job, unless you know something about it, you should not be making any judgments. I love to work for South London escorts, but there are down sides.

Most of the time, I don’t think about the negative side of working for South London escorts of The biggest problem is that you need to work late at night, but then you get the day to yourself. I think that some people in South London think that the vast majority of escorts in South London are sex slaves, but that is not true. So far I have not met one single sex slave at an escort service in South London. That does not mean to say there are not agencies who are not nice to their escorts.

I have managed my South London escorts career and if you would like to make a go if it, that is really what you need to do. You sort of need to have a plan and make sure that you are in control. Some girls just want to stay cheap escorts, but I can’t see the point in that. I planned my career, and decided that I wanted to date high profile gentlemen so that is what I started doing. It was not so hard to aim my profile towards more lucrative dates. It has worked out for me, but I have really stuck to my guns.

If you end up at the right agency, and get good dates, you can do very well working for a South London escorts service. Not only do you get paid, but well to do gents like to spoil you as well. During my time with our agency, I have been given some amazing presents. But it is not all about that, you can make important connections at the same time, and I do value my connections. I am never without some fun on Saturday night.

More English girls than ever are going into escorting. A few years ago, the girls did not see it as a good career, but most of the jobs they would like to do, they really don’t have the qualifications for. It is not easy and I think that most women these days, are beginning to think that they should earn just as much money as men. South London escorts give them a chance to do so. It is not the easiest job in town, but what job is if you would like to make lots of money. I sm happy here and I can think of many girls who could potentially do well. But, they need to want to work if they would like to make money as escorts in South London.

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